Friday, 25 July 2014

Review | The All-bran 5 day Challenge

Hi y'all!  So I was lucky enough to be given the chance to take part in the Britmums All-bran 5 day Challenge.  On twitter, you can follow everyone's journey, by looking up the hashtag #allbranrealmum.  When I got them through the post I was really excited. I didn't really like al-bran as a child the taste was okay but just a bit....boring? So these new flavours excited me, especially the chocolate box.  The three new flavours include;

- Chocolate Wheats
- Red Berry Crunch
- Goldren Crunch

The challenge was to eat all-bran for 5 consecutive days, and find out if it helped our tummies feeling better.  This was actually quite hard for me, as I don't always eat breakfast.  Bad I know but it's just one of those bad habits.  I first tried the Red Berry Crunch with my son.  My son ate it all so there were not complaints from him. However my bowl was not empty.  However not because I didn't like it but because it made me feel so full!  It was a winner right off the bat.

It's safe to say David's favourite (and mine) were the chocolate wheats.  Every morning I would get the same "choc mummy choc".  When we finished the packet off he was very upset indeed.  Means I know what will be on my shopping list next!

So how did it leave me feeling?  Well like I said before one of the straight away key benefits was that it kept me fuller for longer.  This is a very good thing for me since I am on the weight watchers diet.  I also did notice it helped my digestive system.  Normally I struggle with my digestive system, but I can 100% agree that this left my tummy feeling happier.  I'm not sure about bloating as I don't bloat much only when I'm on my period really.  I've read a few blogs though that did say it helped.

I don't normally like the taste of all-bran but these new flavours did help ALOT.  That's all there is for this mini review.  If you are joining the challenge how did it make you feel?  If you haven't yet tried the challenge I highly recommend it.  Bye bye for now

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Event | #bigLDNbus Tour

Hello ma dearies,  so last week I attended the #bigLDNbus tour hosted by Big Bus Tour. Now I've never gone on a London tour bus before, if I did I don't remember, so I wanted to check it out.  We had to meet at the Ripleys Believe It Or Not centre. I had walked past this LOTS of times and always have been curious to what is inside so this was another exciting new experience.  Before this though me and my brother (he came along with) decided to have something to eat at Mr Wu buffet.  This because it was cheap, near where we needed to go and I hadn't eaten all day.  Needless to say people should avoid this....they basically fry everything (yep even the sesame seed toast!).  Anyway let's get on with talking about the event.

Me and Peter walked into RBION a little earlier then 7pm.  We were passed a VIP landyard which had all the hashtags and the companies accounts.  I thought this was such a great idea and I'd love to see this at more events.  We were then given a goodie bag and I give top marks to RBION for this as it was easy to carry around. I thought we would be the first ones there but we weren't which I was glad about.  I always get nervous if I'm the first one there.

Made with bottle caps!
Before heading down to the theatre where we had to go we had a chance to look around for a bit.  I've never been to RBION so it was a lovely mini adventure.  They had many wonderful and strange things.  I was amazed by most of them.  They even had a part of the Berlin Wall!  My brother couldn't stop saying how it was going to be 66 year olds (or something like that) soon.  I realllllllllly wanted to draw on the graffiti wall (you know promotion and all that jazz ha ha) but the queue was too long oh poop.  after a while we were huddled into the theatre where we were given yet another goodie bag!

I mingled for a while with my brother and Shareen.  By mingle I of course mean awkwardly stand in a corner sipping wine.  If it wasn't for Shareen knowing other people there we probably wouldn't of talked to anyone else.  Beatrice from Big Bus Tours gave a really good speech.  It was short to the point and with information just what I liked.

After a while we were huddle onto one of the buses I really was surprised how much room it had. I thought we had no chance of getting a seat at the top but boy I was wrong!  It really impressed me to see just how many countries the Big Bus Tours is in.  They have a multi-language guide with headphones too!  I would of never though of getting on a bus tour in a different country but this has certainly changed my mind.  I don't think it would of been half as good though if it wasn't for the tour guide himself.  He was so witty and funny.  He kept the flow going no matter the speed of the bus.

After we had finished our mini tour (which was excellent) we were invited to Hollywood Planet to finish the day off.  They served use alcoholic drinks and snacks.  Sadly they didn't have much in the selection of vegetarian food so it was a good thing we ate before hand.  Also me being on a diet I didn't snack as much.  I've never been in a Hollywood Planet before but the place did fascinate me.  However I think it's a place for families with older children as it looked very busy.  This was London though, so who knows.  I was quite proud of myself that day as I managed to talk with a PR and I'm quite a nervous person especially in crowds where everyone seems to know each other.  All in all it was a great day and I'm glad I went.  Congratulations to the winners of the prizes on that day they deserved it!  Also thank you for RBION for the tickets we will be returning when David turns 3 without a doubt. See you again soon.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Event | 3 Foot Festival 2014

Hello everyone,  first of let me just say sorry that this is late.  Normally posts are late because I'm not feeling up to it and am too tired.  This time it's late because I have been so busy.  I have 4 events to attend this week.  Well I've already been to one so have 3 more left.  Infact this is the only day I have free, which is why I'm writing this now.  I am really tired and have been up all night not being able to sleep but this NEEDS to be written!  So if you were reading my blog last year, you would of read last year's 3foot festival blog post and how much fun we had.  So the question is, now things have changed and David is older have things changed?  Did we still have fun?

Well this year the festival was taking part in Hylands Park.  It's more known for the V Festival taking place there.  Normally they hold it in the central park in Chelmsford but it had gotten too big.  There was quite a lot of traffic getting there (you can see my rants here on youtube ha ha as well as watching about the day).   You have to write a code on your wristband and of course self advertisement I wrote "candyfloss"...there wasn't enough room for cloud boo.

Parking was good though lots of space.  Once we were inside it was all a bit frantic.  There were fun fair rides to meet you straight away.  I loved the fact that they were there but it was a bit of a pain as David wanted to go on.  Trouble is though there was a massive queue.  I don't mind myself waiting but David doesn't understand queue at such a young age.  Especially as he's going through difficult time and he's very impatient.  Eventually we managed to distract him away.  We found a dance tent I thought David might like but he was shy.  I was quite surprised as he LOVES dancing but I think he was just really too shy to take part.  

The first activity we took part in was a arts and crafts section.  David coloured in a pirate door sign.  This was so perfect considering his room is pirate themed.  David being him though also wanted to colour in the princess mask.  I'm so glad he likes everything.

Next was some sort of essex reading thing.  I don't know who it was organised by I think it was the council.  Whoever it was did a great job.  The theme was from the book of  "we're going on a bear hunt".  They had set out activities to go with the book so you could read and basically walk the experience of the book.  David wasn't afraid to get involved and feel in the water and got messy in the mud ha ha.

They also showed me how that if you go to a certain park you can ask for a "under the tree book pack" I thought this was a great idea in encouraging reading.  Also a great idea to get the kids to calm down after running around.  More information can be found here. 

There was a tunnel in that section to go inside another tent with lots of other bits to see and do.  David enjoyed playing with the sand.  It didn't feel like beach sand though felt more like sand with cornflour.  I guessed that it was moon sand.  I really need to get some as it looks great fun.

After we exited the tent we were welcomed by a music set that was out in the open.  There were LOTS of tribal drums and David had soooo much fun banging them. He literally went round in a circle banging all of them ha ha.

We next headed over to a arts and crafts tent, it had a giant spiderman outside that all the children loved.  Inside was where lots of paint fun was to be had.  

We then headed over to the giant sandpit.  We wanted to both relax so we were able to play with David whilst relaxing too.  The other activities required us to watch over David a lot as he was excited and impatient so he's got a bit hard to handle though this is improving.

After relaxing we then headed to get David's hand printed and turned into an animal.  Last year he got an Elephant, this time we got a duck as he chose it.  We then headed to the marsh farm tent where we saw the animals and made a duck mask.  It was good to see the animals in Marsh Farm I don't like going there much as I feel since the takeover it's turned a bit poo AND it's expensive.  

After that we went to the science show and played with some sensory tubs.  There was lots more to do LOTS more.  David however couldn't stay awake as hard as he might try.  We left but we enjoyed are time although David was difficult at times.  Next year will be even better as David will (hopefully) learn what patient is and we will communicate better etc.  I mean we already talk lots anyway and I understand most of what he says but it's not like we have conversations yet.  I mean he'll try but it will be words he knows mixed with a load of gibberish ha ha.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll see you next week.  

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Andrex keep clean campaign

Hi everyone, so last Friday I got invited to an Andrex event to talk about personal hygiene. It's quite a sensitive subject and people often avoid to talk about.  How come we now live in a world where we finally feel comfortable to talk about sex but not about how we clean ourselves?  Andrex is taking that brave first step to try and get us to talk about it more.

The event was held at the lovely Haymarket Hotel in London near Piccadilly Circus.  I was shown to the basement where it had this lovely swimming pool it was relaxing I just wanted to drive in and go for a swim. They also supplied refreshments and pastry's.  I for once had a tea I rarely do but I needed it that day.  That morning was hell on earth (thank you Lindy for saving my bacon)

After a while we went up to a little room for the meeting.  The room was lovely and cosey and well laid out.  Notepads and pencils were set out which was just as well as I forgot mine due to the morning from hell I had.  We started off introducing ourselves as well as Andrex marketing etc being there, they were accompanied by Dr Carol Cooper, Pat Spungin and Sam Owen.  They then told us about their campaign and what their mission was.

"To increase the standard of clean. Being and feeling clean helps you feel better within yourself and confident.  It's time to come clean. Nearly all of us believe having a clean bottom is essential, yet we don't really talk about it."

It's been proven that feeling ultimately clean gives us more confidence, so why are most of avoiding being truly clean?  Not only this but when you potty train we worry if our children wipe themselves properly yet avoid this question to ourselves.  I posed the though to Andrex "Due to the marketing of wet wipes, adults mostly presume wet wipes are just for children we need to change this".  They agreed with me.  This is probably why a shocking 1/3 of people don't wipe properly. 

 So what is the right way to clean yourself?  Well in simple terms it's Dry > Wet > Dry.  However there are 
 Steps Andrex have outlined to make it simpler.

Step 1                                                                                                     Use a good quality soft toilet paper, and use 3-4 sheets pet wipe until the paper is clean to avoid chafing your delicate, intimate skin.
Step 2                                                                                                     Only wipe from front to back, and never re-fold toilet paper, to avoid coming into contact with harmful bacteria.               
Step 3                                                                                                     Use 1-2 sheets of moist toilet tissue to you get even cleaner and feel even cleaner.           
Step 4                                                                                                Finish by patting dry with dry toilet paper.  To protect your intimate area and achieve the right moisture levels.
Step 5                                                                                                  Always wash your hands with soap and dry throughly. It's the single best way to stop the spread of disease.

Now most of you will think this is common sense right?  Well it's just shocking how many people don't follow this.  I can't believe I'm about to say this but a MASSIVE 95% of people admitted to not washing their hands.  That thought sends shivers down my spine. If that's true then why do 97% of people agree that being and feeling clean is important to them.  Surely it's common sense to make sure you wash your hands and wiping properly?   So what do you think about this?  Do you have trouble with keeping clean is there something you would like to admit?  Or maybe your squeaky clean.  Please leave your views and opinions in the comments down below.  Andrex will soon be making this campaign live.  I can't wait to see the adverts and indeed to reaction of people and if they just shy away from the "awkward" topic.  Also another question before I go.  Do you think learning how to wipe properly should be a discussion in school as well as at home?

Monday, 23 June 2014

My Kitchen Story

Hello again everyone, god is it really Monday already?  Just a heads up but next weeks blog might not be out in time as this week I am going to be busy with not 1 but 2 events!  One of them being the 3foot festival ;).  Do you remember that blog from last year?  If not you can find it here.  God I can't wait super excited!

Anyway I'm here to talk to you about my kitchen. This post is an entry for the “My Kitchen Story” Linky Challenge, sponsored by Fairy Platinum” and link to  

My kitchen is very small, and that's not even the worse part.  I don't mind small but the storage is just....well I hope my landlord didn't pay a lot of money to get it done is all I'm saying.  Though the way this house has been looked after I doubt very much.  That all leads to fun ways of how to store things though.  

This actually one of those flashy bottles of water you can get. I got this from a restaurant in Southend, pretty awkward story actually as I wanted water but couldn't understand what the waitress was saying I just wanted tap but ended up saying yes to whatever she said....turns out it was this which was quite expensive...opps.  I now use it to store my spaghetti in though and I think it works quite well. 

I got these a few weeks back from Asda aren't they adorable?  I think so anyway, I didn't want to get cainsters with tea or coffee on them as I don't drink either of them that much.  though saying that I got some coffee the other day for frappuccinos.  Instead I put brown rice, oats...and well the very few tea bags I have left inside them.  I do have some clear canisters but I've got a bit bored of them to be honest. I'm thinking of making them into little night lights though for the bedroom.

I love David's art and as you can see we've built up quite a collection on the fridge and cupboard.  Due to the lack of cupboards in my kitchen though I've now started to put his art on the back wall. it's going to be his little gallery.  When he's older and ends up going to school I'll have to get a box to take the oldest ones down and rotate them.  I do love walking into my kitchen and seeing this though, never fails to put a smile on my face.

I have 2 amazing views from my kitchen.  One being this pretty quote I got from Amazon cost me only £1! Great value for money I think and it's great to look at when I'm feeling a bit down.  The best view of all though is of course seeing my son play in the garden.  He was on the trampoline when I took this picture, we brought this for his 2nd birthday and I don't regret it at all.  He loves it and has got so good and jumping.  He does have quite the obsession though to bring toys onto it though.  Also electric shocks are painful!  It's rare we leave him by himself whilst he's on it but we've learnt to trust each other.....also I run out if he gets to close to the edge.

That's it for my kitchen tales.  I was lucky to receive the Platinum fairy dishwasher tablets.  Not like a silly bugger I presumed it was the washing up liquid as I don't have a dishwasher.  BUT fear not I did give them to my partners mum as she does.  She told me about how good they are and that is actually already uses them.  It didn't surprise me as I use the same but washing up liquid.  I tried going back to the average normal washing up liquid and I just couldn't do it!  Seriously if you haven't tried it you really should!  Your missing out big time!

Bye for now and fingers crossed my 3foot festival blog is up on time!  I will also be doing a vlog so make sure you don't miss out on that!  If you didn't know I was on You tube you can find me over here

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

#morrisonsmum | Recent favourite recipes | sweet treats and a light summer family meal

Hello everybody!  So remember when I was chosen to be a #morrisonsmum?  I still do, it's pretty much been the blogger highlight of my year so far!  Well this time we've been asked to post some of our family favourite recipes.  I'm not going to lie I'm not much of a original cook.  I only have a fair few recipes I've made up myself.  It's been easier though this month to come up with some ideas since I've joined weight watchers.  Below are just a fair few of my favourites that I've managed to come up with for lunch time or just some easy going snacks.  Please do comment if you try any of these I'd LOVE to hear back from you or even see some pictures!

You may notice the "I'm Cheaper!" text.  This is due to the fact they are items that are now cheaper at Morrisons.  Great news there staying cheaper!  To find out what other items have been reduced you can use their handy price checker here

Chicken salad wrap (no mayo!)

This is pretty much one of my favourite lunch time meals now.  I surprised myself at just how nice a chicken salad wrap could taste with out the use of mayonnaise!

Plain ready to eat chicken pieces
1 tablespoon  of Quark
Lemon juice
Fresh cut basil
1 tortilla

So this is pretty simple to make.  In a small bowl mix together the quark, lemon juice (as much as you desire) and some basil leaves.  Once mixed spoon the mixture onto a flat tortilla.  Add the chicken pieces, roll and it's ready to eat! Easy right?  

[picture to come when I make it next ha ha]

Sorry bad picture
Mince and bacon pasta mix (Light Summer Family Meals)

Morrisons British Minced Steak Lean (I'm cheaper!)
Morrisons Passata Sieved Tomatoes (I'm cheaper!)
Morrisons unsmoked British Back Bacon rashes (I'm cheaper!)
Closed cupped mushrooms (I'm cheaper!)
Any other vegetables you need to use up like peppers or sweetcorn etc.
Wholewheat Pasta

First things first you'll want to cut the pasta in to bite sized pieces.  Once this is done start boiling your pasta.  Next heat up your frying pan and cook the mince and bacon.  Once cooked add the vegetables and then the passata.  Give it a nice stir and let it bubble away.  By this time the pasta should be cooked and you can drain it.  Now it's up to you what you do next.  Either put the pasta back in the saucepan and then stir in the saucy mixture.  Or you can divide your pasta into bowls and pour the sauce on top.  Feel free to add some low fat cheese on top.

Homemade Frappucinno (Sweet Treats)

1 tablespoon Morrisons Gold coffee (I'm cheaper!)
Skimmed milk
Ice (optional)
Double cream (I'm cheaper!)

Ever wanted the lush Starbucks frappaucinno but in your very own house?  Well now you can!  First pour the milk you want in your cup to measure it.  If your adding ice don't fill it to the top.  You'll want it about half way to make room.  Add the skimmed milk to your food processor, along with the coffee, ice and sugar if you wish.  Start to blend, whilst that is blending whisk the double cream in a separate bowl.  You can use squirty cream if your in even more of a rush but homemade tastes better in my opinion.  After it's turned into cream stop the food processor.  pour the coffee mixture into the glass and top with the cream you made.

Want an even tastier version?  Add chocolate sauce on top or even crumble some oreos, nom!

[picture to come tomorrow when I have the points to drink it mmmm nom!]

This post is an entry for the #MorrisonsMum (or #MorrisonsDad) Summer Recipe eBook Challenge sponsored by Morrisons, which has recently cut prices on over a thousand every day products. Find out more here price checker tool”..

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Review | Febreze Sleep Serenity Moonlit Lavender

Hi everyone, so this is 1/3 reviews for Febreze's new Sleep serenity range.  Today I am reviewing the scent Moonlit Lavender.  I did get all 3 sent to me by Savvy circle to test and review but like I said reviewing just the one today.

I was really glad to be chosen to test and review this new range from Febreze as my mind thinks none stop at night.  So I was hoping this would at least calm my brain down so I could get to bed quicker.  Oddly enough since I got this I've been having some trouble with David dropping off to sleep too.  So this was the perfect week to test it!

Sadly it's bad news. For the Moonlit Lavender at least.  I started off by spraying it on my curtains and bed sheets. I then laid down with my partner as we cuddled for a bit.  After that I rolled over to try and get to sleep.  Oddly enough instead of it sending me to sleep and stop me from thinking so much it did the opposite.  It made me MORE awake, it seemed to have the same effect for my son too.  I honestly don't know why this happened.  Maybe their was something in there that didn't agree with me.

Another thing that me and my friend noticed whilst I took the above photos, was that there no child lock.  Basically we found out after my toddler ran off with one and sprayed the flowers.  Luckily he didn't spray himself in the eyes as this could of turned into a nasty accident.  Obviously your not supposed to leave these in site of children anyway.  However you know what a toddler is like, you can put them in the safest place, thinking to yourself "the'll never reach this".  Then BAM! They manage to get hold of it!  So it would be good if these had a child lock on them.

Well that's it for this review, I will be testing the other scents out though.  I will probably do the other 2 scents in one post though so keep an eye out! Until next time.