Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Christmas with Christmas Boutique

I just want to quickly say I'm so sorry this is late.  I've been really tired recently and even had a really nasty virus where I had to go to A&E (don't worry everything's fine)

So it's after Halloween and the supermarkets have stocked up with their Christmas and New years eve party food and decorations already.  It's a very odd feeling being excited about Christmas again.  I haven't felt excited for a long time.  I mean recent stresses in life have made me lose the excitement a tiny bit but I'm trying not to let that get me down.  I just have to keep the faith that everything is going to be okay and everything will slot into place (house problems).  It's kinda odd to be excited this yeah as well because I haven't actually got David on Christmas day his dad does. Either way I really want to make my home feel really festive this year.

Christmas Boutique were kind enough to feed my Christmas spirit by sending me some decorations to make my house feel more festive this year.  I've taken pictures but I haven't put them up yet.  I was going to wait until December but I doubt I can last that long, ekk.

This small draw string bag is only £4.99 and although it's small don't be put off by it's size as I was able to fit the rest of the decorations I'm about to show you inside.  I've already got David a bigger bag but this will be perfect for any additional items.  After all you always say "I'll only buy this for my child this year" then before you know it you can fill the whole living room up.  I may even use this for David's future stocking when he's older as this is a more mature version.  No doubt like his auntie and uncle he'll STILL ask for a stocking up until he leaves the house.  Yep you heard me right my sister and brother still ask for a Christmas stocking and they are well above the age of 16 (pretty sure it's just so they get more gifts cheeky monkeys!).

I really love these letters as they are kinda of old fashioned I suppose. there great for a mantle piece decoration or on your window sill. I'm tempted to even do some crafting with them with David as they are indeed actually recycled from printing press blocks.  If not I might super glue them to a bigger bit of wood and have them spelled out downwards or similar and hang it on a wall.  I can also see them being great on the fireplace now I think about it...damn I wish I had a fireplace now! Candles either side above a fireplace would look sooo beautiful!

Well Damn look how cute this little fella is.  I kid you not a "awww" came out of me when I saw this guy pop out of the box.  I do find the name rather insulting though...fat...pfft sexy curvy Santa more like! I mean come on look how adorable he is!....okay I'll stop now I'm sorry. Seriously though this would look great on a shelf up high if you have children as well if you don't want him to break easily. If you can't afford the Elf on the Shelf I think this would be a great swap as you could tell your children it has a hidden camera inside and he checks the recording at night time to see if you have been naughty...........then again that sounds slightly creepy but still a great decorations to have in your house when the Christmas decorations come out.

4. Set of 12 Assorted Colour Mini Glass Bauble Decorations (£5.99)

Now I know what your thinking....there just bauble's right?  WRONG they're mini baubles.....still don't get it?  Unless your a Christmass Tree decorating wizard you will always have those branches where you can't hang anything because they space inbetween the branches are just tiny.  Please tell me I'm not alone here, I mean come on it's just annoying well not anymore, with these mini baubles I can fill those gaps and settle my Christmas Tree perfecting OCD yay!

5. Red Coloured Glass Christmas Tea Light Holders (£5.00)

There is nothing like lighting a few candles after the presents have been open and the dinner has been eaten when your full to your eyelids laying on the sofa and watching Christmas films. These festive red and white polka dot tea light holders are sure to set you in a snug mood that will leave you wishing the Christmas day was happening all again tomorrow (well maybe not the one who had to cook the dinner....and perhaps without the cost of presents).

6. Set of Three 15cm White Retro Honeycomb Pom Pom Decorations (£4.99)

So these delicate looking pom poms come in a range of colours not just white, from black, blue to even pink.  They are great to hang up on the tree or even hang from the ceiling.  you will have to make these as they come "flat packed" but that just makes these pom poms even more fun with little ones around the house.  They can join in with the fun and help you bring them to life.  However do be careful as they are quite fiddly as I found out.  One was slightly broken and didn't come with a paper clip though it's easy to fix so nothing to worry about too much.

That's all the decorations Christmas Boutique sent me and I can't wait to decorate my house with them and make my house full of festive cheer!  I was really impressed with the packaging that surrounded my items and everything was made to feel safe and secure.  If you have any questions about any of the items be sure to leave a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as possible until next time!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Angel Delight Bubblegum recipes.

Hi everyone, so a few weeks ago I was set the task to 1. Try a smoothie recipe and 2. create my own recipe with the Angel Delight Bubblegum Flavour. I used to have Angel Delight all the time in my childhood. Mostly over strawberries or tinned fruit.  It was great to find my way back to it again, I often walk past it now a days because I forget how easy and quick it is to make.  The first recipe I decided to make was a short cut Strawberry, Raspberry and Bubblegum cheesecake....now I've said that it sounds quite odd. 

What you will need:

- A handful of strawberries
- Half a punnet of raspberries
- 1 packet of Angel Delight Bubblegum Flavour
- Milk
- Digestive biscuits
- A glass bowl to put all your ingredients into 

Start by blitzing your Angel Delight with cold milk and then putting in the fridge to set. next get your biscuits and crush them in the bowl using then end of a rolling pin.  After that then chuck in your raspberries you can add as many or as little as you wish.

Next top your bowl up with your Angel Delight and decorate them with strawberries.  I cut mine in half  and spread them round the edge.  I was actually really pleased with this and it tasted amazing!

Next up is the Bubblegum Smoothie.  I made this using 1 sachet of bubblegum Angel Delight, 3 scoops of angel delight and 300ml of milk.  It tasted amazing...however 1 pro tip....don't leave it too long or it will set I'm now having to spoon it out instead of a straw ha ha.

I really enjoyed this campaign and it made me remember my love for Angel Delight.  I defo think this will be making a return to my kitchen cupboards. It's a lot quicker then I realised and only takes 5 minutes to set in the fridge. If you make any of the recipes please let me know I'd love to see your creations!  Until next time.

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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Skylanders Trap Team Event

Hello everyone, sorry you haven't heard much from me I just haven't been feeling 100%.  Whenever I write a post I want it to be enjoyable and I don't want it to feel like a job but recently that's how I've been feeling..  This post is quite late but there is a reason I felt there was better timing to leave it until after Halloween :).  So basically the story starts that I attended this event back in September.  I went with my brother and my son David.  I could of got David babysat but I actually wanted to take him to this event.  The event was held in a cute little children centre like place.  It had a play area and a cafe all I know is that it was cute.  the Skylanders team hired out a small room perhaps too small considering the amount of people there.  The games were set up along side the new figures and children could play at will.  Now the thing that was different with this new game was the fact you can now play it on your tablet and Kindle Fire.  

David playing the Wii-U with Skylanders Trap Team
The room which the event was in was very child friendly.  There was a guy blowing up balloons and a face painter, as well as the games to play of course.  Food was laid out for the hungry little munchkins and I was impressed with the variety healthy options (okay brownies not so much but the strawberries count right?).

Healthy snacks at the event for the children
There were only 3 characters that were displayed on the day which was
1. Snap Shot, he is a Water Skylander Trapmaster and is used to unlock water gates in the game.  He is my partners favourite.

2. This is Wallop.  He is a Earth Skylanders Trap Master.  He is used to unlock the Earth gates within the game. I haven't got this character but slowly but surely I may collect them all.  Well I will have to to complete the game 100% but I'll get to that in a moment.

3. This is Food Fight. He is one of the new Skylanders that have been released with the game.  He is me and my sons favourite.  However he is not a Trap Master but still very fun to play with.  He is included alongside Snap Shot in the starter pack.

So about the gates. Basically in the game there are gates that you can unlock using "trap masters".  I've seen a few people on forums that are upset about this as it means having to buy more figures.  Now I just want to make it clear I haven't played the whole game BUT from what I can tell so far you don't NEED to unlock them to complete the game.  However if you are a perfectionist like me it will bug you leaving them locked ha ha.  Saying that they are not that expensive to buy if you collect them every so often.  Heck Christmas is coming up they would make very cool stocking fillers.

Each Skylander comes with it's only "trap" that you use to trap the monsters that you defeat in.  I won't give too much away as I want to review the game in the future.  I can guarantee though it will make your kids giggle when you trap the enemies.  That is another thing though you have to have the character that has the trap of the same element as the enemy to trap them.  (I highly recommend trapping the sheep).  It may be annoying to some but in a business way I have to applaud Activision for their merchandising. That's about it for this blog.  I hope you enjoyed reading it and again I'm sorry that I've gone a bit quiet if you do enjoy reading my blogs I just like to make sure I'm 100% dedicated.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Review | Halloween Sticker book with Little Tiger Press

Hello everyone today I'm here reviewing my first ever book on the blog.  It's not a adult book though but a children's Sticker Activity book.  I would love to review adult books but sadly my brain can't cope (don't ask long story can never reach the end of 1 page without my eye burning).  I was given 3 choices on what to chose from the new Halloween collection from Little Tiger Press but opted for this book.  It was a easy choice to make I mean helllo stickers! You can't get much better then that can you really. Especially if your David he lurvvs stickers.

My first impression was that it was quite a thick book with about 32 pages.  Now I know that doesn't sound like an awful lot but for a sticker/activity book I think that's pretty good going. When I opened it up to have a look inside I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't just a sticker book.  You could also colour in sections and draw faces on people etc. I thought this was a great idea to keep children entertained, as there is only so much fun you can have with stickers before getting bored.

The stickers are located at the back of the book.  I was a bit disappointed about this as I would of preferred to pull them out, instead of going back and forth. Another thing I noticed was that they didn't say what stickers had to be used on certain pages.  Now don't get me wrong I do let David stick them where ever he wants and he's only 2 so it doesn't really matter much. But if he was older and wanted to do this activity by himself then I think he would get annoyed by this.  I mean I would myself as I'd get further in the book and be like "ooooh those stickers were for this bit". 

However the stickers are easy the peel off so they can easily be taken off and re-stuck down if needed.  Another good thing that parents may want to know is that the pages are quite thick.  This can be handy if your child likes to be a bit rough with books as their much less likely to tear.  It costs £4.99 and you can find it here.  I know some might think £4.99 is a bit much but I honestly don't think it is considering all the fun that can be had with this book.  Their literally is loads to do.  that's it for this blog sorry it took a bit longer then I planned lost my SD card reader then couldn't find the book to take pictures -.-.  I did have pictures with David doing activities but they were all blurry. Until next time!

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Belvita #morningwin stories campaign | Our mornings

Hi everyone!  So I was lucky enough to be sent some lovely Belvita biscuits to try out due to their #morningwin campaign.  I was actually really please about this as I'm sure like a lot of mums reading this I have a bad habit of skipping breakfast.  Not because I want to god no!  I'd love to remember to pour myself a bowl of cereal with milk but I just forget.  I'm far too busy trying to sort David out.  Making sure he has his breakfast, get his clothes ready for nursery and pack his bag etc.  It doesn't sound like I have much to do but that alongside checking my emails I dunno the time seems to fly by.  Oh and if I do manage to get myself some breakfast....even if it's the same as David's...it must taste different and better because David will try and steal my breakfast ga'h!

I also found out these biscuits are good for little ones as well.  What do you mean you ask.  Well one morning I realised we had no bread and ran out of cereal (bad parent of the year award goes to me).  I thought to myself crap he's got to eat something! Then I realised we had some Belvita bisuits left over. I handed them over to David and he seem to enjoy them as within a matter of seconds they had gone.  Matthew also enjoyed eating them before work as I noticed that the box of chocolate chip biscuits had gone missing and he took them to work!  Cheeky sod they were my favourite ha ha.

(ga'h blurry picture!)  A few weeks ago I met up with some people in my local town so I decided to bring the biscuits with me.  None of them wished the try them but I had a packet of them with a raspberry and white chocolate smoother.  It filled me up quite nicely.  I reckon the hazelnut biscuits would go lovely with a hot chocolate.  Now the months are getting colder I plan to treat myself to that idea.

So, do you struggle to eat breakfast in the morning if so why?

Monday, 29 September 2014

Birds Eye #afterschoolchefs campaign

So a few weeks ago I was invited by Britmums to be part of the #afterschoolchefs campaign.  I was quite excited as David has just started nursery.  I know it's not a main school to start but it's the first step to David's education and it's a big one for both me and David.  It's not a pre-school he's in but he's doing pre-school hours (there are reasons for this but it's too long winded to go into).  Now admittedly I've not had that much of a bad experience with meal planning however doing this campaign made me learn something.  That something was don't forget your vegetables.   I know this is quite easy for some but I normally forget because the fresh vegetables are hidden in the box at the bottom of the fridge or in separate draws in the freezer. 

Now Birds Eye gave me £20 in vouchers.  I was really surprised with what I managed to get with that.  I managed to fill up my chest freezer.  Due to this I was able to pick out vegetables easy with my meals as they were right their in front of my eyes.  So Birds Eye asks what I do to make meal times easier.  Well before I go shopping I like to make a list of stuff I want to eat that week.  I find this easier as when I think of meals I obviously think of ingredients and well that's that.  I also try to make sure I get a mix of fresh and frozen food.  There's nothing worse then reality hitting you and then it takes you forever to cook a meal and you send up eating at like 8pm.  So I always make sure I a few bits and bobs I can put on a bakery tray and pop in the oven.

Another little tip for you mums out there.  This was actual thank to Birds Eye that I thought of this.  Do you ever cook a dinner and go..."Damn I forgot the veg!" just like me?  Then it might be a good time we invested in the Bird Eye steam bags.  With these babies you can pop them in your microwave for a few minutes and hey presto they're  done!  Panic over and the greens are on the plate few!

We had some really good meal times with Birds Eye and I even let David pick out what he wanted from the freezer he had a great time rummaging around.  I think his favourite was the space shapes.  The over all household favourite was the sausage rolls I brought. I brought these to cook them the day before and then to use them as part of lunch or a snack.  Safe to say everyone loved them as I ended up going back to the supermarket and buying some more!

Here are just some of the meals we had I know they look the same but I promise the're not:

We had lots of other yummy meals thanks to Birds Eye and I think I'm going to keep buying the vegetable steam bags there so handy when I forget last minute.  Have you got any tips on how to make meal times easier and how your children get involved?

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Review | Animal Actually Game App

Hi everyone, so I've been wanting to get more into the toy side of things ready for Christmas I suppose and by my luck a few toy companies contacted me yay! So in the next few weeks or so I should be able to bring you some more fun filled stuffed.  I begin this new side of my blog with the Animal Actually Game.  This is an App that you can download on your iphone or Google Platform phone (aka Samsung or HTC).  I first installed this on my partners Samsung but found it difficult to find.  So much so I had to ask for a link which was beyond odd as when I brought my new Apple phone (yes I've turned to the dark side), I found it straight away in the App Store.

I would say this game is probably aimed at 4+, though obviously depending on your child they could play it a lot earlier. The graphics are okay for children but from an adult gamer point of view they are something to be desired.  The controls are fairly easy, David was able to move the characters with ease using just his fingers.  They have a an "invisible" analog stick to move yourself around.  Basically it will (or should) pop up anywhere on the screen when moving your finger in the direction you wish to move.

One of the funny sides to this game is that the main character seems to pass wind, David didn't really notice (unlike in real life where he laughs about it), but I'm sure most kids who realised would have a good giggle about it.  The games involves quests to help your friends out.  When you complete quests you earn Karma which all goes towards leveling you up and unlocking new quests.  The game is free to download but to unlock all the sections within the game you will need to pay a one off fee.

This game is out to try and teach your child the basics of what every parent wants their child to do.  Love their veg, and how being nice can feel nice.  It tries to teach this through the quests it sets.  Although it's just a game I'm always for promoting healthy eating and kindness.  Not enough is around in today's society which is sad.

That's about it for this review.   I should be back tomorrow with another hopefully until then, bye!