Thursday, 14 August 2014

42 days of Summer Challenge

Hi everyone!  So summer is pretty much over well it feels like that way anyway.  There is still plenty of fun to be had though and so down below I've listed some activities that you can do with you and your family.  Some are free but some of them also cost money.  Some of the activities might include places that are in Essex (aka near me) but I'm sure their are familiar alternatives all across the UK!

1. Don't let the rain bring you down put on your wellies and go jumping in the puddles
2. Make mud pies!
3. If the weather is REALLY bad make it a peppa pig day.  Watch Peppa Pig then do both the above and any other fun activities you can think of when watching it with your child (depending on their age of course)
4. Go on a nature walk.  With Autumn just around the corner you could collect stuff use it for art later on.
5. Water Fight!
6. Buy a family sized pool so you can sit down and enjoy it as much as your children!

7. Sundays don't have to be boring.  If your children are at a good age why not try making some afternoon tea snacks with them.  Don't forget to invites the best teddies in town though!
8.Massive Ice Sensory! Hide objects and explain to your children what is happening as the ice melts.
9. The beach! Du'h!
10. Science Museum
11. Good old fashion play in the park

12. Back garden teddy bears picnic.
13.Any kids festival near you?  You should check them out sometimes they can be great fun and not badly priced either!

14. Visit a zoo!  It doesn't have to be a massive zoo either if your tight for cash try to search for smaller ones.  
15. Visit a farm! 
16. Theme Park.  (Try looking for 2-1 deals for these)
17. Play with sidewalk chalk

18. MAKE sidewalk chalk
19. Play dough too whilst your at it ;)
20. Try and say no to TV for one day. (it's easier then you think)
21. Or if it's horrible outside have a movie day with homemade popcorn and healthy snacks! 
22. Leave the grass to grow a bit and before you cut it and paint it! I know it sounds odd but it's great fun I promise.
23.  Teach your child how to tell the time using the sun.  It's a great learning experience for perhaps both of you.
24. Bubbles!
25. Fill your paddling pool up with water and put a slide going into it (come on I must not be the only one that used to do this as a child)
26. Do the same above but pretend the slide is the plank and play pirates!
27. Make fruit skewers and ice lollys
28. Play some football 
29. Play Tennis then afterwards eat strawberries and cream mmmmmmmmmm.
30. Go to the cinema (the Odean have special toddler and children shows for only £2.50!)
31. Pretend your garden is a zoo.  Prehaps you and your family can pretend your zoo keepers/animals.  They could even feed you fruit ;).  The bigger the better so invite all the people you can! 
32. Camping doesn't have to mean going away that far.  why not camp in your back garden that way if your children get too scared you can always restore back to the bedroom!
33.Save lots of cupboard up from your packaging and then chuck it all in your garden and let the kids go wild! 
34. Climb up the biggest hill in your town and see if you can spot your house! (If you have one)
35. Go to a butterfly enclosure. Talk to them about all the colours you see.
36. Go crabbing.
37. Hellloooo bike ride!
38. Feed some ducks

39. Go on a totally spur of the moment random road trip!
40. Turn your living room and garden into an animal hospital.  
41. Try and bring your children's favourite book to life.  Use play dough or set up different stuff in the house/ garden.  Many people have done it before with "the hungry caterpillar" and "we're going on a bear hunt" so just try with another story.
42. Go to a local fruit market and let your child pick out what they want then make a fruit salad for dessert that day!

Wow that was actually a lot easier then I thought.  I hope you managed to get at least a few good activities out of them.  Now along side this I was given some BN biscuits.  I DID have a lovely picture of them.  Sadly 1. My SD card broke and 2. my SD card reader is now not working! Urgh!

It was a tough job having to eat biscuits with David ;).  We received the Raspberry and chocolate flavour but I noticed they do them in white chocolate! I haven't brought the white chocolate flavour yet but it is on my list. Me and my friend clare couldn't help but sing the old theme tune. "BN BN do do do do BN BN do do do" you all know you wanna sing it.  Anyway they were really great just like I remembered.  David obviously have the sweet tooth loved them as well.  The only problem I would say I thought of was that in lunch bags yeah they would great to have (though no doubt they would be banned at most schools now a day *sigh*) BUT the packaging makes this a little difficult.  I think it would be better if each biscuit or perhaps every 3 had it's own separate packaging so it's easier to store?  I dunno what do you think maybe it's just me.

Anyway that's it for this weeks blog sorry it's a bit delayed bloody SD card reader! ARGH.

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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Review | business cards

Hey everybody! (hey doctor nick)

So I've been thinking for a good old while that I really need to get some business cards for at least one of my blogs.  I've been to a lot of events and people have given me theres and they are so pretty etc.  It's a really good thing to give to PR's too as they can put you in their contact book so much easier as well.  I was strolling through the internet as you do anyhoo and BAM hello opportunity to review business cards...well of course I said yes!  However it was with a company I had never heard of before called  I went on their website straight away and it look really simple and easy to use.

Now I could just show you the business cards with my design on it and have done with this review (seriously they look fabulous just you wait).  Instead though I want to talk about their customer service, sorry I meant their AMAZING customer service.  Now I have dealt with a lot of customer service in the past some good experiences some bad.  However I'd like to make a new category "Unicorn service" in translation epically amazing customer service, because lets face it unicorns are amazing (and they do exist, you can't tell me they don't!). 

10 points if you can point the mistakes lol
So why was this customer service amazing? Well first off I designed my own business card in photoshop. I then sent it to be printed....I didn't proof read it. I only realised this though when they came in the post I looked at them and then proceeded with crying and banging my head against a wall (not literally).  I sent them back feedback but I said to them "don't worry though it's my mistake I'll still use them"  I was really shocked though when they told me to edit them and they would print them off for me again!  They went an extra mile and they really didn't have to!

I then went to edit them in photoshop but I got told it was the wrong size.  This confused me because they accepted the print first with spelling error and text colour errors but there was nothing wrong with the size.
Either way the smart thing I should of done was to download their template so I got the size right. They were VERY patient with me and after many phone calls and emails we got it right yay!

They came in the post after only a few days delivery seemed very quick. So this is what they look like Ta-da! As you can see they have rounded edges I'm sorry but to me everything looks better roundddd.  I love the quality of these cards and they came in cute plastic boxes so they are easy to carry around.  They feel quite thick as well like a train ticket or maybe a bit more.  I hope you like them as much as me and if you don't poo you cause their mine anyway ha ha.  

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Dry Like Me post 1 | Our Adventure Begins

Hi everyone,  so a few weeks ago I was contacted by Dry Like Me to review their Early Stage pads.  As David is communicating more now I thought now would be the perfect time.  He tells me when he goes a poo and he shows lots of interested in the toilet.  So come on a (hell like) potty training with me.  It hasn't been easy with David although he has good communications skills as he doesn't yet understand what it means to actually go to the toilet so this will be part of a series and you can follow me through my ups and downs

Dry like me have organised a Potty Training Live Programme.  Each week they post brilliant tips and guides on how to battle the war that is potty training.  So what do you need before you even think about starting and what are the signs that you can start with your little one?  Don't worry I'm going to answer all of those.

The signs

  • Good communication skills - can let you know their thirsty/want a drink etc.
  • Confident physical skills - able to walk up the stairs
  • Being able to follow direction - i.e can be shown how to wash hands.
You can also watch this cute little video from Dry Like Me which is a less boring way of learning how to know if your child might be ready or not.

So what do you need?

below is a shopping list with all the stuff you may or may not want to buy.  I honestly wished I saw this list sooner as I was very un-organised at the start which really isn't like me.  If your only training in the day don't worry too much about the mattress protector though it's always good to have anyway.
  • A potty of course! (du'h!)
  • A toilet training seat is also good to have incase your little one wants to take the big leap straight away.
  • Dry Like Me Pads (that does without saying right?)
  • lots of pants (or boxers, for me the pants/briefs had no where near enough room!)
  • wipes
  • rewards or stickers (I think in the early stages a big clap and yay is good enough with maybe a colouring book.  The rewards can become more regular like star charts when you think he/she's getting the hang of it.)

So how did our first week go?  Well actually not that good.  I brought boxers and briefs for David as the briefs looked sooooo small anyway.  I turned out to be right even though they were 2-3 years, ridiculous. David still hasn't learnt bowel control so I'll be taking the next step when he comes back from his fathers.  Writing down when he has an accident (aka when he wees).  When I started potty training I only did a "pants session" in the morning.  I know Dry Like Me advice that you keep them out of nappies completely but I felt like this was best for me.  Though I'm moving from nappies to pull ups.  I shall keep you updated and fingers crossed we get somewhere.  I do have to stay strong though as I know it can take 4-6 months. I'm very impatient so I think I'll find this hard but I just have to stick to my guns.  Until next time bye!

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Haul | Braintree #kidstyle

Hi everyone,  now normally I would post hauls on my beauty/fashion blog over at Candyflossbeauty.  Considering this is toddler clothes though I decided to post them here.  I've tried to put the prices along with the items but with next even though there clearance of massive stock they have set prices.  If you'd like to see my vlog instead I've linked it below.  However I warn you it's 20 minutes might want to get some popcorn.

Braintree Freeport kindly asked me to come along to their blogger event.  I was chosen amongest five others in Essex so I was REALLY honored.  When I arrived I spotted the lovely Jennifer straight away.  I was really glad as I was able to set in much more comfortably, even though I was still nervous as I never met her before.  It wasn't long before we were all there and then given out £150 gift cards.  Not going to lie I felt very VIP.  We were each given an hour and half.  I could of probably spent hours shopping there so I had to make sure I used my time wisely.

I found most of the stuff in Next and Gap. I was disappointed with Lacoste as they didn't have a baby section which was a shame as I saw a pair of boat shoes online I loved. I also picked up a few items from Sports Direct and Tommy Hilfiger. Shoes were the most pain in the ass item to find.  Everyone struggled to find shoes.  My top tip to the shops in Braintree Freeport have better shoes!  So what did I buy?

*changes voice* so as you can see here David is modelling a cute summer outfit.  His hat is from sports direct which cost £3.99.  It is adult sized but he's not far off from filling it with that huge head of his!  His top is from Next it was £8.50, I still find this a tad bit expensive but it's such a cute top how could I resist.  His shoes are also from Next I can't remember the price.  They were the only shop with decent shoes.  The shorts are from Gap.  I can't stop but brag about the fact that these shorts were only £4.99! I mean come on £4.99! That's amazing.  I went into George the other day and they had a similar pair for £6.  His socks are also from gap and were £4.99 they were not on sale but to be honest I've seen worse.

Not a very good photo I know and I am sorry.  The top and trousers are also from gap. I believe the top and trousers were not in the sale but I remember them still being a very reasonable price.  David loves his T-shirt as it has a dinosaur on it so everytime he see's it he goes "rawr". The Jeans are casual yet smart so I love them with a passion.  However due to the fact they are 2-3 years they don't quite fit around his bum yet so I got a belt from next.  It was also dinosaur themed so I thought it went perfect with this outfit.  It was from Next and only cost me 50p!

I also got David some Spiderman socks from Next.  I don't get them often because I think their quite expensive for just 3 pairs of socks.  I made an exception this time though.  I got 3 pairs for £4.99 though when looking online and comparing to batman socks this was cheaper.  Continuing with the Spiderman theme I also got him a flat cap from Sports Direct.  Again only costing £3.99, such a bargain. 

As I still had quite a lot of money left on my gift card I decided to "splash out" on some trousers from Tommy Hilgifer for David.  These were £32.00 reduced to £23.75 so nearly £10 off.  They are great quality though and he'll look dashing in them.

I forgot to mention I also got David an Avengers top from Sports direct at £3.99 but this is currently in the wash so I can't take a picture of it.  It has been one of David's favourite tops to wear though.  Another item I can't seem to find to take a picture of is his Jake and the Neverland Pirates backpack. I think it's in the car and my partner is at work. It was from Next and David spotted it straight away and asked for it.  I told him I would come back to it if we had money left over and I kept my promise.  It was somewhere between £5-£8 I can't remember exactly.

As well as the grey shoes I also brought David these high top racing themed trainers.  They weren't my favourite but they were the only other pair of shoes that I could find in his size. They also matched the marvel themed colours red and blue so they were an acceptable match.  Along with everything else I also got David a watch.  He likes it but doesn't like wearing it for long peroids of time.  I don't mind though and it will last him a very long time. This cost £9.99.

That's it for this post.  Phew, that was long.  I hope you enjoyed reading it though and liked seeing what I brought.  Braintree really is one of those places I forget and I really shouldn't it's a great place to shop for clothes especially before going on holiday.  If you are going on holiday where are you going?  Have fun and be safe!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Review | The All-bran 5 day Challenge

Hi y'all!  So I was lucky enough to be given the chance to take part in the Britmums All-bran 5 day Challenge.  On twitter, you can follow everyone's journey, by looking up the hashtag #allbranrealmum.  When I got them through the post I was really excited. I didn't really like al-bran as a child the taste was okay but just a bit....boring? So these new flavours excited me, especially the chocolate box.  The three new flavours include;

- Chocolate Wheats
- Red Berry Crunch
- Goldren Crunch

The challenge was to eat all-bran for 5 consecutive days, and find out if it helped our tummies feeling better.  This was actually quite hard for me, as I don't always eat breakfast.  Bad I know but it's just one of those bad habits.  I first tried the Red Berry Crunch with my son.  My son ate it all so there were not complaints from him. However my bowl was not empty.  However not because I didn't like it but because it made me feel so full!  It was a winner right off the bat.

It's safe to say David's favourite (and mine) were the chocolate wheats.  Every morning I would get the same "choc mummy choc".  When we finished the packet off he was very upset indeed.  Means I know what will be on my shopping list next!

So how did it leave me feeling?  Well like I said before one of the straight away key benefits was that it kept me fuller for longer.  This is a very good thing for me since I am on the weight watchers diet.  I also did notice it helped my digestive system.  Normally I struggle with my digestive system, but I can 100% agree that this left my tummy feeling happier.  I'm not sure about bloating as I don't bloat much only when I'm on my period really.  I've read a few blogs though that did say it helped.

I don't normally like the taste of all-bran but these new flavours did help ALOT.  That's all there is for this mini review.  If you are joining the challenge how did it make you feel?  If you haven't yet tried the challenge I highly recommend it.  Bye bye for now

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Event | #bigLDNbus Tour

Hello ma dearies,  so last week I attended the #bigLDNbus tour hosted by Big Bus Tour. Now I've never gone on a London tour bus before, if I did I don't remember, so I wanted to check it out.  We had to meet at the Ripleys Believe It Or Not centre. I had walked past this LOTS of times and always have been curious to what is inside so this was another exciting new experience.  Before this though me and my brother (he came along with) decided to have something to eat at Mr Wu buffet.  This because it was cheap, near where we needed to go and I hadn't eaten all day.  Needless to say people should avoid this....they basically fry everything (yep even the sesame seed toast!).  Anyway let's get on with talking about the event.

Me and Peter walked into RBION a little earlier then 7pm.  We were passed a VIP landyard which had all the hashtags and the companies accounts.  I thought this was such a great idea and I'd love to see this at more events.  We were then given a goodie bag and I give top marks to RBION for this as it was easy to carry around. I thought we would be the first ones there but we weren't which I was glad about.  I always get nervous if I'm the first one there.

Made with bottle caps!
Before heading down to the theatre where we had to go we had a chance to look around for a bit.  I've never been to RBION so it was a lovely mini adventure.  They had many wonderful and strange things.  I was amazed by most of them.  They even had a part of the Berlin Wall!  My brother couldn't stop saying how it was going to be 66 year olds (or something like that) soon.  I realllllllllly wanted to draw on the graffiti wall (you know promotion and all that jazz ha ha) but the queue was too long oh poop.  after a while we were huddled into the theatre where we were given yet another goodie bag!

I mingled for a while with my brother and Shareen.  By mingle I of course mean awkwardly stand in a corner sipping wine.  If it wasn't for Shareen knowing other people there we probably wouldn't of talked to anyone else.  Beatrice from Big Bus Tours gave a really good speech.  It was short to the point and with information just what I liked.

After a while we were huddle onto one of the buses I really was surprised how much room it had. I thought we had no chance of getting a seat at the top but boy I was wrong!  It really impressed me to see just how many countries the Big Bus Tours is in.  They have a multi-language guide with headphones too!  I would of never though of getting on a bus tour in a different country but this has certainly changed my mind.  I don't think it would of been half as good though if it wasn't for the tour guide himself.  He was so witty and funny.  He kept the flow going no matter the speed of the bus.

After we had finished our mini tour (which was excellent) we were invited to Hollywood Planet to finish the day off.  They served use alcoholic drinks and snacks.  Sadly they didn't have much in the selection of vegetarian food so it was a good thing we ate before hand.  Also me being on a diet I didn't snack as much.  I've never been in a Hollywood Planet before but the place did fascinate me.  However I think it's a place for families with older children as it looked very busy.  This was London though, so who knows.  I was quite proud of myself that day as I managed to talk with a PR and I'm quite a nervous person especially in crowds where everyone seems to know each other.  All in all it was a great day and I'm glad I went.  Congratulations to the winners of the prizes on that day they deserved it!  Also thank you for RBION for the tickets we will be returning when David turns 3 without a doubt. See you again soon.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Event | 3 Foot Festival 2014

Hello everyone,  first of let me just say sorry that this is late.  Normally posts are late because I'm not feeling up to it and am too tired.  This time it's late because I have been so busy.  I have 4 events to attend this week.  Well I've already been to one so have 3 more left.  Infact this is the only day I have free, which is why I'm writing this now.  I am really tired and have been up all night not being able to sleep but this NEEDS to be written!  So if you were reading my blog last year, you would of read last year's 3foot festival blog post and how much fun we had.  So the question is, now things have changed and David is older have things changed?  Did we still have fun?

Well this year the festival was taking part in Hylands Park.  It's more known for the V Festival taking place there.  Normally they hold it in the central park in Chelmsford but it had gotten too big.  There was quite a lot of traffic getting there (you can see my rants here on youtube ha ha as well as watching about the day).   You have to write a code on your wristband and of course self advertisement I wrote "candyfloss"...there wasn't enough room for cloud boo.

Parking was good though lots of space.  Once we were inside it was all a bit frantic.  There were fun fair rides to meet you straight away.  I loved the fact that they were there but it was a bit of a pain as David wanted to go on.  Trouble is though there was a massive queue.  I don't mind myself waiting but David doesn't understand queue at such a young age.  Especially as he's going through difficult time and he's very impatient.  Eventually we managed to distract him away.  We found a dance tent I thought David might like but he was shy.  I was quite surprised as he LOVES dancing but I think he was just really too shy to take part.  

The first activity we took part in was a arts and crafts section.  David coloured in a pirate door sign.  This was so perfect considering his room is pirate themed.  David being him though also wanted to colour in the princess mask.  I'm so glad he likes everything.

Next was some sort of essex reading thing.  I don't know who it was organised by I think it was the council.  Whoever it was did a great job.  The theme was from the book of  "we're going on a bear hunt".  They had set out activities to go with the book so you could read and basically walk the experience of the book.  David wasn't afraid to get involved and feel in the water and got messy in the mud ha ha.

They also showed me how that if you go to a certain park you can ask for a "under the tree book pack" I thought this was a great idea in encouraging reading.  Also a great idea to get the kids to calm down after running around.  More information can be found here. 

There was a tunnel in that section to go inside another tent with lots of other bits to see and do.  David enjoyed playing with the sand.  It didn't feel like beach sand though felt more like sand with cornflour.  I guessed that it was moon sand.  I really need to get some as it looks great fun.

After we exited the tent we were welcomed by a music set that was out in the open.  There were LOTS of tribal drums and David had soooo much fun banging them. He literally went round in a circle banging all of them ha ha.

We next headed over to a arts and crafts tent, it had a giant spiderman outside that all the children loved.  Inside was where lots of paint fun was to be had.  

We then headed over to the giant sandpit.  We wanted to both relax so we were able to play with David whilst relaxing too.  The other activities required us to watch over David a lot as he was excited and impatient so he's got a bit hard to handle though this is improving.

After relaxing we then headed to get David's hand printed and turned into an animal.  Last year he got an Elephant, this time we got a duck as he chose it.  We then headed to the marsh farm tent where we saw the animals and made a duck mask.  It was good to see the animals in Marsh Farm I don't like going there much as I feel since the takeover it's turned a bit poo AND it's expensive.  

After that we went to the science show and played with some sensory tubs.  There was lots more to do LOTS more.  David however couldn't stay awake as hard as he might try.  We left but we enjoyed are time although David was difficult at times.  Next year will be even better as David will (hopefully) learn what patient is and we will communicate better etc.  I mean we already talk lots anyway and I understand most of what he says but it's not like we have conversations yet.  I mean he'll try but it will be words he knows mixed with a load of gibberish ha ha.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll see you next week.